Here are some FAQs

After your initial enquiry and our first call where we discuss your broad requirements, you will be sent a copy of my beautiful brochure and given time to consider whether you wish to proceed.

Once you are happy to do so, we will meet either in person or over Zoom to discuss your in-depth requirements for the custom artwork.

Ahead of our meeting I will send you a Commission Briefing Sheet to look through and to guide our session, if you are requesting a personal commission.

The briefing form covers all the main areas for discussion including, which medium you would like to use, the colours you would like in your piece and size of artwork. You will also be asked to list the important words, people, places, landscape or most treasured memories you would like captured in your personal commission.

If you wish to commission me to produce work for a commercial project, we will use our meeting to discuss the requirements of the brief.

Once everything has been agreed, I will type up our conversation notes and email them to you in a comprehensive Briefing Form to review, sign and date.

I recommend you find a peaceful space and carve out some dedicated time to think about the most magical moments from your life and write down your thoughts. The following prompts might help you focus your thoughts and spark ideas:

  • What are the special places you have lived in, or travelled to? 
  • What are the magical memories they hold for you?
  • Are there any pieces of music that mean a lot to you? Perhaps it was a piece played at a wedding, or the song that was playing when you first met someone special.
  • Are there other people in your life (lives) that are part of your journey and that you would like referenced in your custom artwork such as children, grandchildren, other family members or a best friend?
  • Do you have a cherished pet or animal whose name you would like included in the piece?
  • Are there any specific restaurants, cafes or pubs that hold memories you wish to celebrate in your artwork?
  • What do you like doing? Maybe you love to travel? Maybe you are a keen cyclist? Or maybe you are a wine lover and that has guided where you spend your holidays and time.

The more information you share, the more detailed the artwork. But don’t worry! There is a lot to remember in a lifetime. We won’t proceed with the commission until we are absolutely sure we have everything written down that you want to include in your commission.

After our initial meeting and follow-up discussions, a Commissioning Agreement will be emailed to you to sign and date. Once this has been done, a payment of 50% of the cost of the commissioned artwork will be required. The remaining 50% is to be paid on completion before delivery.

A visual approval form will be sent to you for you to approve the text and glaze colours to be used in the artwork. Once this is agreed, I will get to work! 

As the work gets underway, I will keep you updated on the progress of the commission. I am always happy to chat about things as we go along.

I offer 4 framed artwork sizes –

Small: 400mm to 500mm square
Medium: 600mm to 800mm square
Large: 900mm to 1000mm square
Bespoke: I can also make a larger, bespoke piece so please ask if this is required.

If you have a particular space in a room that you wish the piece to sit in, please measure it in mm to make sure the size you choose will fit into the space you have.

As a guide, a large 900mm ceramic piece takes about 4 months plus framing time. A large papercut 900mm piece takes about 6-8 weeks plus framing time.

(However, this is only a guide and the actual time taken to create each customer piece is specific to each client).

All work is framed in White or Black stained wooden Ash frames, and we use a non-reflective glass. However, please do ask if you have another request.

Delivery is not included in the price of the artwork. This is an additional cost. If you live overseas, I use a highly reputable international shipper who has years of experience in safely shipping artwork. If you live in the UK, I can ship work or I do love to deliver the work in person, so long as it’s not more than a 3-hour drive away.

If you have a special anniversary, milestone event, interior design or commercial project coming up and would like to discuss a private commission, please get in touch:

You can contact me at the Studio on +44 (0)7967 835773

or email: [email protected]


Let’s have a chat

You can contact me at the Studio on +44 (0)7967 835773 or email: [email protected]