I have been lucky enough to work with a range of wonderful clients. It is always a delight to be commissioned to create a bespoke artwork for a milestone life event, such as a wedding anniversary, or to be given the task of creating a stunning ceramic piece to sit in a new home. I love the challenge each new brief brings.

Each artwork I create is unique and bespoke to the person or organisation commissioning me.


Bringing treasured memories to life

Close your eyes and think back to the moments in your life when you felt happy, alive or in love.

A favourite song, holiday, magical occasion or person; a street, town, city or country that holds a special place in your heart – the sights, the smells, the sounds, the feelings. Wonderful memories that evoke the senses, stir the emotions and make you nostalgic for it all again.

Now imagine having these treasured memories, places and stories captured in a stunning, personalised artwork that not only reflects your unique story but is designed to beautifully complement the design, décor and colour scheme of your home.

For the past decade I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with some wonderful couples and individuals on private commissions to celebrate all kinds of occasions, from milestone anniversaries to birthdays or moving to a new home.

“A Beautiful, clever & witty work of art”

I found Helen online, after my idea of commissioning a piece of artwork for our silver Wedding anniversary, and when I saw her work, I knew I’d found the perfect fit.

I contacted Helen and she immediately put me at ease and talked through the process. I shared with her our key events, memories, places, in-jokes, words that would make up a simple and meaningful story of our 25 years together. I remember calling Helen once after inspiration struck whilst sitting in the bath – as was often the case she was already one step ahead of me and had already thought of how to encompass my ideas!

The result is ‘A Moving Sea’, a beautiful, clever and witty work of art that proudly hangs in our home by the sea in Cornwall. It tells our story of where we met, married, lived and continue to enjoy life with our family, some special moments and a simple silver disc placed in it to always remind us of 25 years together!
Mr and Mrs Clark
25th Wedding Anniversary


Creating beautiful memorable spaces

Working closely with the designer from the outset of a project means the commissioned piece truly reflects the creative brief and style of the project they are working on. Each artwork is created to complement the design, décor and final location of the piece, adding the perfect finishing touch to any room.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the U.K.’s leading interior designers to create bespoke artwork for projects ranging from elegant period houses to luxury coastal homes.

“Wilding & Wolfe Interior Design Studio”

Working on large, high-end residential projects more often than not calls for a lot of bespoke elements and commissions from a range of craftspeople and artists. On a current extensive refurbishment project in Sheffield, this has been no break from the norm and my clients were looking for a special and highly personal artwork. I knew of Helen’s work and felt that it fitted perfectly in terms of style and feel as well as being able to capture what my clients were looking for in their new home.

Helen worked painstakingly over months to develop all the elements of this large artwork until she was happy that it had all come together not only to represent their life story, but also to be a stunning visual piece of art in its own right.

My clients are delighted with Helen’s artwork and are so looking forward to hanging it in their master bedroom once the works complete this year.”
Hannah Wright Creative Director

Wilding & Wolfe Interior Design Studio


Creating the wow factor

I am passionate about working with commercial organisations, private enterprises and the public sector to create bespoke commissions for special projects. Whether it’s a boutique hotel, luxury cruise ship or a beautiful corporate lobby, my custom pieces provide a wonderful talking point for customers, guests and visitors for years to come.

In 2019 I had the privilege of being commissioned by London based design studio SMC Design, to create two large ceramic artworks for the on-board library of Saga’s first new built luxury cruise liner – ‘Spirit of Discovery’.
Working closely with SMC on the project was a hugely gratifying experience. Taking inspiration from the geography, landscapes, and palette of the British Isles, the distinctive artworks celebrate our unique coastline, sense of seafaring adventure and the joy of British seaside holidays!
The finished framed commissions are wonderfully distinctive, add real character to the space and give guests hours of pleasure.

“A stunning piece of visual art”

We commissioned Helen to create artwork for the library on board Saga Cruises’ first new built vessel, Spirit of Discovery. The brief was to make work that celebrated the British Isles, taking inspiration from their geography, landscapes and nature.

Helen met this beautifully with her delicate, glazed porcelain designs focusing on the seaside. Well researched and imaginative, the pieces have created a wonderful talking point for passengers on board, discovering more and more elements the closer they look. Moreover, Helen was an absolute pleasure to work with. We look forward to collaborating again in the future!
Emmie Ratter
Senior Art Consultant & Project Manager SMC design